Barefoot in the Snow

by Refrigerator Club

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Coming back from a life-changing trip to Finland, there was only one thing Richard was looking forward to in South Africa - some time in the studio with Jonan. One short week of recording music in the upstairs room till midnight, and they had five demo tracks.

There was really no choice then. Richard had to move to the Studio, the place where young men, an old film veteran, and visionary-owner Marius were working at fulfilling their dreams of creativity and film production. Life in the Studio's slow-town Sedgefield entailed far more than the casual observation of paragliders above the nearby hill and buying mini donuts at the saturday market. Theological studies in the day for Richard, camerawork and editing jobs for Jonan, and crazy nights in the studio of humble-drum beats, 9-layered vocal tracks, and experiments upon learning curves in mixing for them both saw the forming of a "whole" from many separate compositions made over the past 5 years; the unexpected beauty of the marriage of two musical minds.


released February 1, 2012

All songs written, arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jonan Grobler (Vocals and Guitar) and Richard Dean (Piano).

Recorded in Sedgefield 2011, at "the Studio".

Special thanks to Marius for letting us use your equipment, house, food and cars.

Backing vocals in tracks 5, 8 and 9 by Rifke Grobler
Cello in tracks 2 and 8 by Adinand Louw



all rights reserved


Refrigerator Club WC, South Africa

It all started with the Dean's yearly week-long trips to Bethany farm. Sometimes the drums would be packed into the car. MP3 player recordings of the jamming sessions would be spliced into alblums. One day, we should be in a real band. Well God blessed us with a year at a studio (and possibly more), so we recorded an album, which contains years' worth of compositions. ... more

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Track Name: Hmm Hmm
I wish we'd never met
It would be easier
If you didn't know me
Perhaps then you could

Apologies don't work I see
Habits are hard to change
If I made an effort I believe
That the world would see

Hmm hmm, wish we'd never met
Hmm hmm, would be easier if you were a stranger

I gave up long ago
Pushing through just weakened me
Dialogues are monologues
My words a soliloquy

We're programmed not to see each other
Avoidance is customary
The past has left a scar a frown between
You and me

Hmm hmm, wish we'd never met
Hmm hmm, would be easier if you were a stranger

We let the sun go down on our anger
No gift will be accepted at the altar
We let the sun go down on our anger
We could have forgiveness with the stars as our witnesses
Track Name: The Architect
And even if I should fall
Fall down from the mountaintop
To which I fell in love with you

Even if I hit the ground
The stony stony floor
And crack my skull and break every single bone

Even if
What if
I would be
I know I’d be

Even if I should lose
Lose the torchlight handed me
By your hands, your hands my dear

And even if I’m consumed
Swallowed by the cold darkness
Without the heat, the light, your love

Even if
What if
I would be
Oh would I be


Even if you are gone, even if you leave my life,
Even if my future looks empty of purpose
Even if the days close down, in disrepute and disrepair
Even if the seasons, and times are set, times are set

But I know the blueprints are on the table
I know the blueprints are on the table
Track Name: Lost in Light
I am perfectly willing, I’ll sacrifice my life, but I’ll sacrifice yours first
Though we do not see eye to eye, I have no desire to satisfy your thirst

Beautiful and lost in light
Reaching out, then out of sight

Back to base, face to face, spit and snarl, punching out my insides
Raise your arms in great alarm, with spot on spot off spot you in the afterlife

Beautiful and lost in light
Reaching out, then out of sight


On the ground there was a stain,
Passed by feet and washed by rain
Track Name: Chasing After the Wind
I struggle to know the way onward,
The road splits into a million more,
And the signposts are in a language
I haven't bothered to learn.

I'm chasing after the wind,
I thought I heard a voice.

I need a straight road marked "take me",
A mind that doesn't change at every turn,
I need eyes I can pin to a target,
A heart that I can keep in a cage.

Decisions are everlasting,
Doubts muddle my sense of direction.
All of the answers are just out of sight,
Will I ever make it to them?

I'm chasing after the wind,
I didn't see which way it went.

I need a straight road marked "take me",
A mind that doesn't change at every turn,
I need eyes I can pin to a target,
A heart that I can keep in a cage.

I'll chase after the wind, Lord,
If that's what you want me to do.
Track Name: Evolution Killed the Thumb
Right in the beginning, there was nothing
Then nothing exploded, and there were planets
Now we walk around with unneeded baggage

The four-fingered hand
A part of the new ruling-class plan

The truth it doesn't really matter in the world of make-disbelieve
Slitting gills in our necks and living under the sea
Only one thing restrains you from being perfectly free

The eight-fingered man
A part of the new ruling class plan

Eight-fingered human race
The new evolution is in place
Track Name: Unrequested Surgery
You ask me why have I been
Such a gentleman towards you lately
You suspect I have ulterior motives
And I confess: You're absolutely right

Well I just thought that you might've had
Something small which belonged to me
Long ago in the garden
Before I fell asleep...

God performed unrequested surgery on me
And though my side has never properly healed
For what He did I am so grateful

You ask me why am I now
Such a different man from who I used to be
You have seen a dramatic change
Which you cannot explain, so I will:

Well I was travelling down the road
With intentions and with authority
To persecute the Christians
But then I saw the Lord...

God performed unrequested surgery on me
And though my eyes have never quite recovered
What I had before I now count as loss

You ask me what is the cost;
Why would God perform these operations?
I should be disgraced for my conduct
He did it purely for His holy name's sake

He said: "I will give you a new heart
And put a new spirit in you;
I will remove from you your heart of stone
And give you...

"A heart of flesh, and I will put my Spirit in you
And move you to follow my decrees
And be careful to keep my laws."
Track Name: A Sorrier Sight I Never Did See

With his mouth full of teeth and his hair full of straw
And his hands in his eyes and his feet at the door
From the holes in his shoes to the burns on his hands
He's lost, he's lost right there where he stands

With her eyes full of hearts and her heart full of tears
And her tongue in her mouth and her hands in her ears
From the cuts on her face down to her grazed knees
She's lost, she's lost right there where she is

Track Name: Funerals Are a Passing Craze
I walk side by side with Death
He's kept out of my way so far
Oh I have seen glimpses of him
And I know one day our paths will cross, but

Funerals are a passing craze
There's one for me, no less, no more
I'll shake your hand with joy one day
Death you're just an ugly door

Those who've died have slipped away
They have gone far beyond your grasp
One day one day one day one
There will be no fear of your name, cos

Funerals are a passing craze
There's one for them, no less, no more
I'll shake their hands with joy one day
Death you're just an ugly door

"Blessed are those who're invited to
The wedding supper of the Lamb!"
But death you will be thrown into
The lake of fire the second death

Then Death you'll die
You will be the last enemy destroyed.
"Where, O death, is your victory?
Where, O death, is your sting?"
Track Name: Kiitos
Kiitos Isi että olet aina uskollinen
Kiitos että et hylkää mua
Vaikka mä kyllä oon kauas harhaillut
Ja kauan pitänyt muuta tärkeimpänä

Kiitos Isi että rakastat mua lakkaamatta
Kiitos että mut otat vastaan

Lapsenasi voin sanoa
Aurinko kun alkaa laskeutua

Hyvää yötä Jeesus myötä
Kiitos tästä päivästä
Se oli mukava kun Jeesus oli mukana
Ja Hän on aina mukana
Track Name: Cool Coincidences (Agoraphobiac Waltz)
Lyric guesses and interpretations:

Dan Leggat:
ahhh, its true, my love, just relax, save your heart, i love you too, i love you too
i love you to, i know for sure, there is no1 else in my life

Kent Locke:
Ok, fine... here's my entry... "daaa eeeoooo just aaaeeeooo looovve in my haaaaeeeooo oooo aaaaaa". as far as I can tell, that just repeats throughout the song, with slight variation
aaaa is through my love... just roll say aah eo ooh love is ... love is... eooo... it's a eoo just.... ooh oooo eooo ooo da da da da laa is oo i know for sure that it's aa in my car.. ooo ooo ooo oooooeooo eeoooo laaave...

Rustum Jaffer:
Oh, we're through, my love
Just relax say you’re mine
I love you too, I love you too
It’s weird, just know, I love you too
Oh, I love you too
There’s no one else in my life

Im thinking that the Cool Coincidences is how its cool that the other person in this situation is returning the love as well
Track Name: Beautiful Feet
Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.
How then can they call on the one they have not believed in?
And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?
And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?
And how can they preach unless they are sent?
As it is written: How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.