Rebekkas & Jesses

by Refrigerator Club

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This album we recorded in one week in September 2012. Our music was given something special and fresh, in that Jonan's sister Hannah contributed vocals to most of the tracks. Jonan and Richard also exchanged roles a bit, with Jonan playing piano and Richard guitar in a number of the songs.

For this album we tried to restrict our recordings only to what we could do in real life - if we had two guitars in a song, they had to be played by two different people; if we wanted many vocal layers, many people had to sing. For this reason many of the songs are simpler than songs on our first album.

Due to the eventfulness of life these recordings lived on the shelf for more than a year, waiting for post production and release. Unlike its predecessor, Barefoot in the Snow, this album is unlikely to by made into a physical CD.


released October 17, 2013

Hannah Whithead: Lead & backing vocals
Jonan Grobler: Lead vocals, guitar, piano
Richard Dean: Backing vocals, piano, guitar, percussion

Music by Jonan Grobler and Richard Dean

Lyrics for the song "Grim Fandango" come from a poem in the 1998 PC game "Grim Fandango".

Album recorded and produced at gtG studios.

Album art concept by Alan Barnard

Copyright Refrigerator Club 2013



all rights reserved


Refrigerator Club WC, South Africa

It all started with the Dean's yearly week-long trips to Bethany farm. Sometimes the drums would be packed into the car. MP3 player recordings of the jamming sessions would be spliced into alblums. One day, we should be in a real band. Well God blessed us with a year at a studio (and possibly more), so we recorded an album, which contains years' worth of compositions. ... more

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Track Name: Blind
The world is wearing happiness like a cloak,
Bright green painted with colourful flowers,
My head is in my hands, I just can't believe,
Is that girl smiling at me?

Are you colour-blind?
Can't you see I'm blue?

The sky looks different when you are all alone,
It starts to look a lot more like home,
I blend perfectly into the sea,
Hey you, stop smiling at me.

Are you colour-blind?
Can't you see I'm blue?
Track Name: Defrost
Light came in through my window
Melting the icicles off of my face
And touching my eyes

With open doors and empty parks
Trees cast shade and that’s the shard
Morning cut herself on
As she bleeds through the sky

Warmth floods, like an ocean
My fingers were blue,
Now they’ve turned red

With open eyes and empty hearts
Hear the roses screaming and
Bleeding, crying, open wounds
Finally I taste life in the air

With closed eyes and filled up heart
I find out what it’s like
To be breathing again
You have brought me back to life
Track Name: Entropy
You seem to be on a frequency conflicting
Emotions confuse by destructive interference
All my well-thought-out communications twisted
I can't help but see we've set a bad trajectory

Look at me
This is entropy

Beat by beat your heart does nothing but recycle
Ingredients that lead to self-replicating issues
Juggling arguments in the carnival of violence
I can't help but feel that everything will soon disintegrate

Look at me
This is entropy

When I try to take it over
I will become lost
In galaxies of rotten conclusions
I will be coming down

Breaking out of coalition
I have become free
Of prepossessing confusion
I have become me
Track Name: Grim Fandango
With bony hands I hold my partner
On soulless feet we cross the floor
The music stops as if to answer
An empty knocking at the door

It seems her skin was sweet as mango
When last I held her to my breast
But now we dance this grim fandango
And will four years before we rest
Track Name: Rebekkas and Jesses
I went against what I thought was God's will
I broke my own rule too
When I played piano alone with her
She danced to my music
Lord, it was harmless but my heart chose
Something pretty over You
A yellow tinfoil balloon

She later fell beyond her depth for my friend
She thought she'd die if
He didn't feel the same way towards her
She was so afraid that
Lord, you might not grant her what she desperately desired
Without hope she couldn't go on
She begged me to pray to You

I, I no longer fear the worst
As Adam's descendants we've survived every kind of heartbreak
And I knew she would too

Don't fear the worst
But put your hope in God
Who gives the very best gifts

He gives the Rebekkas and Jesses if
He considers them
Best for His purposes in our lives
So I prayed and asked that
Lord, if it was Your will, that it would be mutual
The very day after I asked
You opened up his mouth

You, You always give the best
You'd never give Your child a scorpion when he'd asked you for an egg
So why should I

Waste this precious time
Waiting like a wicked servant
Let's never fear the worst
But put our hope in God
Who gives the very best gifts

Every good and perfect gift comes from above from
The Father of the heavenly lights
If we who are evil give good gifts to our children
How much more will our Father in heaven
Track Name: Messages
I have very often gone and done exactly that which I had been
Advised not to do, again I'm reaping what I sowed
So desperate for words from you, I squeezed and squeezed and
Pressurised and finally let my pleas run wild, and
Earned again a greater silence

Ooh ooh I sent messages
Ooh ooh they should never have left my head
Ooh ooh these truths can't be forgotten once they're shared

Unable to imagine what it's like to hear such things from someone Else who's never had really the chance to see if they are true
Oh we never had more than a chapter or indeed the briefest of Prefaces and yet the book has closed with words I wrote

Ooh ooh I sent messages
Ooh ooh they should never have left my head
Ooh ooh maybe oneday I will tame my fingertips

Oh I was afraid that the friendship would just dry up
Like the sense of humour of a man whose tongue is cut out

What indeed is the purpose of communication
Other than the bonding of two minds two souls

Ooh ooh I sent messages
To you ooh ooh
Track Name: Monsters
And I saw through the sundaes to the black blood within
And I fought through the peace to see the battles raging in
The doorways to your souls and the faces behind the masks
As the night is falling please come in from the dark

Because I saw monsters
Feeding monsters

And I looked down the hallway to see the lights blinking out
And I looked to see you running, there was only time to shout

I saw monsters,
Greedy monsters

There are bullets that would crack your porcelain, shattered on the floor
But while there's still some time won't you please come in through the door

I saw monsters
Bleeding monsters
Dying monsters
Hungry monsters
Track Name: Sunday Song
It's Sunday rain, I can tell, it isn't really doing too well
It's wondering why it bothered getting out of bed

Sleepiness invades my soul, I can feel it take control
And I don't really mind at all

Everybody run for shelter, dropping down just helter-skelter
Drops of slow molasses everywhere

If taking time is a great theft, it's leaving no one else bereft
Plenty of it to go all around
Track Name: Sinecure
There is none righteous, no, not one;
There is none who understands; there is none who seeks after God.
They have all turned aside;

They have together become unprofitable;
There is none who does good, no, not one.
Their throat is an open tomb;

With their tongues they have practiced deceit
The poison of asps is under their lips
Whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness
Their feet are swift to shed blood;

Destruction and misery are in their ways;
And the way of peace they have not known.
There is no fear of God

Before their eyes.
Track Name: Safe to Say Maybe
It may be some day
That all humans will realise
That there's so much more to life
That freedom is more than just a word
Life to be lived
And maybe some day you will love me
It's safe to say maybe

It may be someday
There will be enough food for all of us
And maybe people will melt their weapons down into ploughshares
And maybe some day you'll notice me here
It's safe to say maybe